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The key to success is the increase in organizational,
digital and holistic efficiency

PRB is a lab with innovative ideas and solutions which enhance companies efficiency & well-being
using Know-How and exclusives Technologies

Our context is moving faster and events are following one another more and more rapidly. That's a world requiring new rules to those who are able to evolve quickly and innovate ideas and methods. 'What is happening?' and 'What shall we do?' are typical questions companies are asking themselves. This acceleration is led by the Digital Organization of processes
and it concerns only Holistic Organizations solving complex issues in the simplest way.

In 1980 we created the first digital document, and that predated the electronic mail 15 years earlier.
Since then PRB have been constantly providing innovation and excellent results based on a continuous improvement. We also implement technologies made up of a set of strongly interconnected elements, in other words Holistic Technologies. That has been certified by the numerous Patents and Technological Records but especially by our customer satisfaction.

After decades of experience, in 2007 the First Holistic System for managing business processes, DataPickerĀ®, was presented at 'ABI Costi e Business' in October 2011 after a 3-year implementation. It has provided outstanding results in terms of better efficiency and analysis capabilities. A 'Stand Out From the Pack' Technology based on an original pattern: the Person in the Spotlight, in order to reduce defects and maximize its advantages through operational simplicity. DataPickerĀ® has been appointed Functionality Leader after a survey on BPMS systems by 5E Association.



November 2016 | Oracle Event


Oracle and PRB rolled out a new project: a "tailor-made" Business Process Management System on Cloud.

Quaderno di IT - Contest BPM

May 2013 | EEEEE Event

Quaderno di IT - Contest BPM

The 5E Association presented the first Quaderno di IT. PRB Technology proved to be the one with the most features.




PRB history: technological milestones that brings innovation in complex organization.

If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said 'faster horses'. - Henry Ford