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All complex organizations today are wondering:

  • What is happening?
  • What should I change?

PRB has the answer to these questions: a simple, practical, immediate, usable-in-practice and decisive solution:

  1. You should put your organizational processes under digital control, especially those not monitored by the management system, thus producing data flows on everything that happens in your organization
  2. You should listen to the outside world and the incessant twittering of social media
  3. You should have secure analisi algorithms ready, which are able to produce accurate reports - from a systemic and strategic point of view - on the efficiency of branch offices, classification of customers and effectiveness of working processes
  4. You should streamline the organizational structure and make it "lean" with 6-Sigma techniques and Ontonix.

The DataPicker system is equipped with Leonardo Bellini's ( social technology, Jacek Marczyk's ( analytic capacity and Fabrizio Majorana's ( "lean" cures to provide answers that help you understand the context and improve where needed, as expected by Remo Lucchi (

Remo Lucchi

Cofounder of EURISKO, Advisory Board Chairman EUMETRA MONTEROSA

"…they will like to know if, beyond the best real quality, the lowest possible price will be charged, without the quality being altered. The matter of price is really interesting: there’s this widespread opinion that a higher price is not necessarily related to a higher quality, rather to high business costs within the company, most of the times. In the vast majority of cases, these costs are not related to raw materials, nor to production plants. Auditing professionals revealed the problem lies within business management: the organizational flimsiness’ cost is absurd, and the verified waste of organizational costs is in the 60-70% range. Thus, there’s a lot of room for both increases in revenues and prices reduction."

April 2016

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Leonardo Bellini

DML - Digital marketing Lab

"When I met up with PRB, I realized that what I wrote in my book could be translated into concrete technology the user could utilize. The idea of transforming volatile knowledge into something digital and concrete is fascinating and of great practical utility."

May 2015

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Jacek Marczyk


"By processing the data stream produced by DataPicker®, the ONTONIX® algorithms can produce precise views on how to solve problems relating to processes, branches and the customer ecosystem. Paraphrasing, I would call it a true CBT (computerized business tomography) SCAN of your organization."

June 2015

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Fabrizio Majorana


"I wrote my book 'Lean Banking' because I realized that the banking world could get substantial benefits by applying the 6-Sigma techniques that I had been using for years in industrial environments with great results."

June 2015


If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said 'faster horses'. - Henry Ford