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Quaderno di IT - Contest BPMS Bancari

Survey about features of Banking Organizational Processes oriented BPMSs

Roma, Palazzo Altieri | 24 May 2013


On May 24th 2013, in the prestigious venue of Palazzo Altieri in Rome, the 5E Association presented the first Quaderno di IT (IT notebook). It is a unique project in Europe, documenting the results of a in-depth analysis about Business Process Management Systems oriented to banking organizational processes.

The ranking started from a table of almost 1.000 features, and offered a clear, unbiased and operational insight on the performances of systems available on the market at the time of the analysis

The scientific Committee that evaluated the results, according to a rigorous and detailed ranking is composed of known people in the world of science and finance.

PRB Technology proved to be the one with the most features, with a score of 881 out of 1.000, followed by IBM (784), Siav (652), Cedacri (598), KPMG (482), Ibt (432), Iside (291)


Italian economy to revision

Paolo Zucca
Vice Caporedattore
il Sole 24 Ore - Plus24

We will talk about projects that encourage efficiency and competition in banks. […] Things that give contribution in the growth of a country are: a good culture of the country, people’s awareness of their rights, a positive trend in banking. With this mood, then, we start our day.

EEEEE Voluntary Association: excellence to innovate Italy with high ideals

Nicolò Meroni

Technological progress increases well-being, and social and human values. This is undeniable.

Today, here in this wonderful hall we introduce the first Quaderno di IT, it is a book that analyzed and evaluated the BPMS, Business Process Management System market. It is an important information tool the was missing. It is a matter of transparency but also a push towards improvement, both for banks and companies, joined together in search of the optimization of management processes mapping.

BPMS and mapping processes in banks

Romano Stasi
General Secretary

A process-baesd approach produces advantages in both the clarification of the flow of activities required in the supply of a service, and in the opportunity of being able to control, an improvement in variables that play a role on that process/service. Cost variables but also performance values, i.e. the offered service.

Cutting operational costs: obvious gaps of economic performance

Giancarlo Forestieri
Professor in Finance Department
Università Bocconi

The issue of rationalizing organizational and operational processes regarding the efficiency of the operational structure in banks is an issue with a crucial, strategic value.

I’m taking the second aspect of empirical micro analysis, on which I pause a bit, from the Quaderno di IT research results, that is the work that has been done and gave birth to the book and to this meeting: the research is an extrordinary work of documentation, transparency and knowledge of what is available. Instructive and very broad case histories are attached to the work.

This plot brings out the potential of results in terms of cost reduction and increased effectiveness regarding flexibility, quality and so on. All of this comes down to savings in human resources, paper consumption, physical spaces and process times. Also, realiability and information security are improved.

There’s plenty of evidence and potentials that I, as a non specialist, have found very interesting. Just as an example: improvement betweent 40 and 60 % in time and savings between 35 and 67% in materials.

What I reckon is that there’s a huge potential that needs to be carried forward and that is a clear evidence of the importance of business process management solutions in re-mapping organizational and operational processes. Banks can achieve a more balanced and sustainable regime.

Quaderni di IT - Features and evaluation criteria of BPMS functions

Luciano Pero
MIP Politecnico di Milano

Why do we strive to fully embrace these innovative models, these innovative systems in Italy? Why does it take so much effort?

We Italians struggle when it comes to building a system. Business Process Management means building a system.

This is the scope of this research: first of all, it gives us a glimpse of companies’ strategies. Then, there’s an extraordinary mapping of innovations available for banks. Is there this answer to what banks need? In my opinion, there is. Last but not least, what are the available management and control tools? This is the scope of this research: it provides a sort of wide scenario of what software houses can offer today in our country.

Quaderni di IT - Data from the research about the technological market for banking processes

Vincenzo Gagliardi
Vice President
Solving Efeso

Let’s start from the beginning of this useful and interesting idea: Everything was born during an ABI conference in 2012. The spokesman of IBM, in his speech, spurred his collegues to sit around a table and compare their products. This had two purposes: on the one hand it could show who does what, on the other hand it gave birth to what you can find in the research, that is how this tools, products and services can really be used by banks.

ilSole24Ore aknowledged the editorial importance of both the result and the research protocol, and thus decided to be the media partner of Quaderno di IT.

All the data have been gathered, deeply processed and then published in this book that I wanted to define as precious, because it is perhaps one of a kind in our market.

Reinventing Business Operations with: IBM Smarter Process

Fabio Parma
BPM Sales Specialist

Gartner quotes it more than once: today we talk about BPMS but also about Intelligent BPM, because there must be a different intelligence on top of the workflow process; intelligence to enhance the sharing of people, collaboration, mobility. We talk about Complex Event Processing, thus the management of processes and events because there are a lot of events that need to be monitored.

Going from 5 to 2 days is more than a figure, it’s a moment. When we scroll our results in some projects we see that we improved by 80% in some cases.


The companies involved in the analysis, whose spokesmen participated to the event, make up the almost totality of BPMS systems:




Click here to gather more information about Quaderno di IT.

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