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Quaderno IT on the BPM systems on the market

PRB is the leader in BPMS features

Roma | Palazzo Altieri | May 2013

The EEEEE Association (Electronic, Excellence, Evolution, Ethic, Efficiency) for development and competitiveness, promoted an in-depth analysis on BPMS, Business Process Management Systems, the backbone of every company.

The survey aims at analysing the available BPM technologies, from a functional standpoint. The results were presented on May 24th 2013 in Rome, at Palazzo Altieri: PRB’s DataPicker Technology stood out as the one with the most functionalities.

Click here to know more about the event.


The scientific Committee grouped the features of BPM systems in 23 blocks, each with its weighted score.

Examined groups
  1. 1. Office automation application User Interface;
  2. 2. Registry, functionality;
  3. 3. Personal management, functionalities in support of;
  4. 4. Workflow, organization and continuous improvement;
  5. 5. Messages management, UC & Collaboration;
  6. 6. Management and storage of documents;
  7. 7. E-storage;
  8. 8. Tools for managing, governing and control;;
  9. 9. Dematerializing checks, process management;
  10. 10. Dematerializing signatures specimens, process management;
  11. 11. Dematerializing operations, process management;
  12. 12. Home Banking;
  13. 13. Graphometric signature;
  14. 14. Managed processes – Operations;
  15. 15. IT Security;
  16. 16. Architecture – EAI;
  17. 17. Performance and reliability;
  18. 18. Provided services – ICT governance;
  19. 19. Other features and operations;
  20. 20. Server Business Continuity;
  21. 21. Graphometric signature tablet;
  22. 22. Welcome totems for registration;
  23. 23. Other products


Scientific Committee
The scientific committee is composed by top-notch people in banking, IT and economics (and, in the executive stage, by an Expert for each of the products).
Università Bocconi - Prof. Giancarlo Forestieri, Professor in Department of Finance - President of the Committee
Politecnico di Milano - Prof. Luciano Pero, Professor of Organization at MIP - Vice President of the Committee
Università Bocconi - Prof. Enrico Valdani, Professor in Marketing Department
Politecnico di Milano - Prof. Luigi Campagna, Professor of Organization at MIP
Università Cattolica di Milano - Dott. Stefano Salvadeo, Tax advisor and Professor
Università di Bologna - Prof. Alberto Balestreri, Professor of Financial intermediaris Performance Analysis
Politecnico di Milano - Prof. Alessandro Perego, Professor in Business Engineering
ABI Lab - Ing. Romano Stasi, General Secretary
Cathedra - Arch. Marco Meroni, Marketing & Communication Wizard - Secretary of the Committee

The analysis involved the best companies in the field of organizational processes management Technologies for banking. Thirty of them autonomously filled out a form, explaining with transparency the features of their technologies. The thirty companies are:
Able Tech, Montichiari - Accenture, Dublin - Bassilichi, Milan - CABEL, Empoli - Cedacri, Collecchio (PR) - Corvallis, Padova - CSE, San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) - Docflow, Rozzano (MI) - Edok, Vobarno (BS) - ENGINEERING, Rome - EURONOVATE, Lugano (CH) - IBM, Segrate (MI) - IBT, Trento - IDS SCHEER, Saarbrücken (Germany) - BCC Sistemi Informatici (già ISIDE), Pioltello (MI) - K-Lever, Milan - KPMG, Paris - MÉGA, Paris - Metastorm, Baltimore (USA) - Microsoft, Seattle (USA) - Olivetti, Ivrea (TO) - Pegasystems, Milano - Phoenix Informatica Bancaria, Trento - PRB, Milan - SAP, Walldorf (Germany) - SBA, Cuneo - SEC SERVIZI, Padova - SIA SSB, Milan - Siav, Rubano (PD) - Softpro, Boblingen (Germany) - SOLVING EFESO, Milan - Systar, France - TELECOM, Milan - TIBCO, Palo Alto (USA) - Wacom, Otone (Japan) - Xyzmo, Ansfelden (Austria)